Early voting in Chicago begins January 29: Final ballot numbers

Early voting in Chicago’s municipal elections kicks off on January 29 at the Super Loop Site (175 W. Washington St.). The originally-scheduled start date of January 17 was delayed due to several outstanding petition challenges.
A total of 160 city council candidates will be on the ballot—down from 212 who filed to run in November. Thirty-five candidates were removed due to successful petition challenges and 17 withdrew.
Of the 21 who filed to run for mayor, 14 candidates will appear on the ballot. Six candidates were removed by the election board, and one candidate withdrew from the race.
The board removed two candidates from the city clerk race, leaving only incumbent Anna Valencia’s name on the ballot for that race. The three candidates in the treasurer race overcame signature challenges.
Chicago municipal elections will take place on February 26 with runoffs on April 2 for all races in which no candidate receives a majority of the vote in February. Chicago is the third-largest city in the U.S. by population.