Sugar City residents vote to retain mayor and councilman despite recall effort

A recall effort in Sugar City, Idaho, was defeated on March 12, 2019. Mayor David Ogden and Councilman Brent Barrus were retained with 62.1 and 63.8 percent of the vote, respectively. The effort was initiated in September 2018 and required 167 signatures to get on the ballot.

The recall effort began in response to development plans in Division Three of Old Farm Estates, where some residents were worried that the developers were planning to add apartments. Supporters of the recall effort said this would go against the city’s comprehensive plan to add more single-family homes. Catherine Nielson, who initiated the recall, stated, “The Mayor and Barrus violated the comprehensive plan and pushed through their own agenda at the expense of residents of Sugar City.“

Ogden and Barrus both responded to the recall effort. Ogden said, “I understand why they want to do the recall, but I’m also hoping that the citizens will give me the chance to finish off the year of 2019.” Barrus said, “Our town needs healing and forgiving, instead of more division and contention. They seek to silence many of you by removing Mayor Ogden and me from office.”