Denver Mayor Michael Hancock maintains fundraising lead

Denver Mayor Michael Hancock has raised more money than his five challengers combined, according to pre-election campaign finance reports filed March 17 with the Denver Elections Division.
Hancock reported raising just under $1.6 million between the beginning of the campaign cycle and the March 14 reporting deadline. His five challengers reported raising a combined total of just under $710,000.
Urban development consultant Jamie Giellis reported raising just under $410,000, the most of any challenger. Former state Sen. Penfield Tate followed with $230,000 raised, while criminal justice professor Lisa Calderón reported raising $70,000. Two other candidates each raised under $2,500.
The Giellis campaign reported more cash on hand than Hancock’s, with just over $190,000 to the incumbent’s $150,000.
The nonpartisan election takes place on May 7. If no candidate receives a majority of the vote, the top two vote-getters will advance to a June 4 runoff.
The city of Denver uses a strong mayor-council system. Under this system, a mayor with a broad range of powers serves as the city’s chief executive while a city council acts as the municipal legislature. All Denver municipal elections are for four-year terms, and no elected official may serve more than three consecutive terms.
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