Three Select Board members retained in Maine recall

An election took place on May 9, 2019, in Ogunquit, Maine, in an attempt to recall three members of the town’s Select Board. Board Chairman Charles Waite, Selectwoman Madeline Mooney, and Selectman Bob Winn all retained their seats. They were retained with 51.75%, 51.61%, and 55.53% of the vote, respectively.
Recall organizers began the recall process after the three board members voted last October to uphold the termination of the town’s former fire chief, Mark O’Brien. Waite, Mooney, and Winn filed a lawsuit to prevent the recall effort from going to a vote, but York County Superior Court Judge John O’Neil lifted a temporary stay and permitted the election to move forward.
Recall elections for local elected officials are permitted in some—but not all—jurisdictions in Maine. These laws are documented in local charters and ordinances in cities and towns throughout the state. A total of 39 states have provisions allowing for recall of elected officials at the state or local level.
So far, Ballotpedia has identified 41 recall efforts taking place in 2019. This includes six recalls for state legislators, one for a state executive, seven for school board members, one at the county level, 23 at the city level, and three for special districts.
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