Marianne Williamson leads Democratic candidates in pageviews after first presidential debate

Each week, we report the number of pageviews received by 2020 presidential campaigns on Ballotpedia. These numbers show which candidates are getting our readers’ attention.
Marianne Williamson’s (D) campaign page on Ballotpedia received 12,172 pageviews during the week of June 23-29. Williamson’s pageviews represented 8.3% of the pageviews for all Democratic presidential campaigns during that period and is the highest single-week pageview count for a Democratic campaign this year. Kamala Harris (D) had 6.8% of Democratic candidate pageviews for the week, while Pete Buttigieg (D) had 6.1%.
Williamson’s campaign also had the largest increase in pageviews of all the campaigns last week, increasing 315.14% over her total from the previous week. Every Democratic candidate except Bernie Sanders (I), Elizabeth Warren (D), and Joe Biden (D) registered a pageview increase of 100% or more this week.
The top three candidates in lifetime pageviews are Buttigieg with 81,505, Andrew Yang with 68,258, and Harris with 63,577.
Williamson’s increase in pageviews corresponds to her appearance in the first round of Democratic presidential primary debates. On June 26, the day before Williamson appeared in the debate, she ranked seventh among all Democratic candidates in pageviews. On June 27 and 28, Williamson had more pageviews than any other Democratic candidate. From June 25 through 28, the three largest day-over-day pageview jumps were 435.12% for Tulsi Gabbard, 378.78% for John Delaney, and 293.60% for Tim Ryan. All three jumps occurred between June 25 and June 26.
On the GOP side, former Massachusetts Gov. Bill Weld had 28,425 pageviews to Donald Trump’s 3,204.