Nashville Metro Council elections draw 100 candidates

In Tennessee, the city of Nashville is holding nonpartisan general elections for mayor and all 41 metro council seats on August 1. The candidate filing deadline passed on May 16, and a runoff election is scheduled for September 12, if necessary. The runoff will only be held if an election occurs where no single candidate receives a majority of the vote.
The Nashville Metro Council’s 41 seats include 35 members elected by district and six members elected at large. One of the at-large members is the city’s vice-mayor, who is elected separately from the other at-large members.
The vice-mayoral election drew two candidates, incumbent Jim Shulman and challenger Robert Sawyers. The other 40 council races feature a total of 98 candidates, which includes 26 incumbents. Fourteen of the 35 district seats are open elections without an incumbent in the race, while all five at-large incumbents filed for re-election. In 2015, the Nashville Metro Council elections drew 113 candidates. This included 15 incumbents.
Nashville is the second-largest city in Tennessee and the 24th-largest city in the U.S. by population.
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