Mississippi legislative primaries to decide nominees for November general elections

Mississippi will hold primaries for the state Senate and House of Representatives on August 6, 2019.
Mississippi has been a Republican trifecta since 2012. Term-limited Gov. Phil Bryant is a Republican, and Republicans hold a 31-18 majority in the Senate (with 3 vacancies) and a 74-44 majority in the House (with 2 independents and 2 vacancies).
General elections will take place for all 52 seats in the Senate and all 122 seats in the House on November 5.
In the Senate, there are 11 contested Democratic primaries and 16 contested Republican primaries. In the House, there are 23 contested Democratic primaries and 26 contested Republican primaries.
Fifteen Democratic and 25 Republican incumbents are running for re-election in the Senate. Eight Democratic and 19 Republican incumbent senators are running unopposed. Four Democratic and eight Republican incumbents are not running for re-election.
In the House, 40 Democratic and 67 Republican incumbents are running for re-election. Five Democratic and seven Republican incumbent representatives are not running for re-election. Twenty-three Democratic and 47 Republican incumbent representatives are unopposed.
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