Ballotpedia covering 2,983 seats up for election on November 5

On Tuesday, 27 states are holding elections for 2,983 seats within Ballotpedia’s coverage scope. Regular elections are being held for 2,894 seats, and special elections are being held for 89 seats. Here is a breakdown of the type and number of elections Ballotpedia is covering on November 5:
  • There are no congressional seats up for election.
  • Two states—Kentucky and Mississippi—are holding elections for 21 state executive positions, including governor and lieutenant governor.
  • 12 states are holding elections for 413 state legislative seats. The majority of these races are being held in Mississippi and Virginia with 174 state legislative seats and 140 state legislative seats up in each state, respectively.
  • Three states are holding elections for seven state court judgeships.
  • Five states are holding elections for 81 local court judgeships.
  • 19 states are holding elections for 2,201 municipal positions.
  • 16 states are holding elections for 260 school board seats.
Many of the municipal elections covered by Ballotpedia in 2019 are taking place in North Carolina. This year, Ballotpedia expanded its coverage of North Carolina in order to provide voters with a comprehensive statewide sample ballot. This coverage includes elections spanning 503 cities, towns, and villages, nine school districts, and 17 special districts across the state. No North Carolina counties are holding elections in 2019. Most North Carolina localities are holding nonpartisan general elections on November 5, although 32 held either nonpartisan primaries or general elections on October 8.

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