Democrats flip two seats to win majority in Virginia State Senate

On November 5, Democrats gained a 21-19 majority in the Virginia State Senate. Heading into the election, Republicans held a 21-19 majority. The next legislative session will be the first where Democrats have a majority since 2014. Democrats also gained a majority in the House of Delegates which, alongside Democratic governor Ralph Northam, will give Democrats trifecta control of Virginia for the first time since 1993.
Two districts flipped from Republican to Democratic control. Both districts had been won by Northam in 2017 and Hillary Clinton (D) in 2016.
In District 10, Ghazala Hashmi (D) defeated incumbent Sen. Glen Sturtevant (R) 54% to 46%. Sturtevant was elected to the seat in 2015 by a 50-47 margin. The candidates together raised $2.34 million, more than any other Senate race this cycle. Hashmi raised $1.14 million and Sturtevant raised $1.2 million.
In District 13, Del. John Bell (D) defeated Geary Higgins (R) 55% to 45%. The candidates together raised $2.01 million, second highest in the chamber only to the candidates in District 10. Bell raised $1.2 million and Higgins raised $809,000. The seat was open because Sen. Richard Black (R) did not run for re-election. Black last won re-election in 2015 by a 52% to 48%.