One state changes triplex status as a result of 2019 elections

Three states—Kentucky, Louisiana, and Mississippi—held elections for governor, secretary of state, and attorney general in 2019. These three offices make up a state government triplex, which exists when one party controls all three offices.
Heading into 2019, all three states were under divided triplexes, meaning both parties controlled at least one position in each state. There were 18 Republican, 17 Democratic, and 15 divided triplexes in the country.
Both Kentucky and Louisiana remained divided triplexes. In both states, Republicans won the races for attorney general and secretary of state, while a Democrat won the gubernatorial election. Kentucky was most recently a triplex in 2015 when Democrats held all three positions. Louisiana was most recently a triplex in 2015 when Republicans held all three positions.
Mississippi, which went from a divided triplex to a Republican triplex. Republicans held the positions of governor and secretary of state and picked up the attorney general position. Before this, Mississippi was most recently a triplex in 2004 when Democrats held all three positions.
Once the newly-elected officials are sworn in, the national count will stand at 19 Republican, 17 Democratic, and 14 divided triplexes. In 2020, 13 states will hold elections for at least one triplex office.