Andrew Yang leads in pageviews for the first time since October; Amy Klobuchar has highest week-over-week pageview jump

Each week, we report the number of pageviews received by 2020 presidential campaigns on Ballotpedia. These numbers show which candidates are getting our readers’ attention.

Andrew Yang’s campaign page on Balloptedia received 2,421 views for the week of December 15-21. Yang’s pageview figure represents 11.7% of the pageviews for the week. Amy Klobuchar had 10.1% of the pageviews for the week, followed by Joe Biden with 10.0%. This is Yang’s first time leading in pageviews since the week of October 13-19.

Every Democratic candidate other than Julián Castro had more pageviews last week than the week before. The three candidates with the greatest week-over-week increases were Amy Klobuchar (81.1%), Andrew Yang (40.0%), and Tom Steyer (34.1%).

Andrew Yang remains the leader in overall pageviews this year with 154,956. He is followed by Pete Buttigieg with 147,578 and Joe Biden with 138,970.

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Presidential campaign pageviews on Ballotpedia, 2020