Bernie Sanders leads Democratic pageviews after Andrew Yang led for previous three weeks

Each week, we report the number of pageviews received by 2020 presidential campaigns on Ballotpedia. These numbers reflect the time investments of our community of thousands of readers who visit a Ballotpedia because they think the candidate is worth knowing more about, whether they believe the candidate has a strong chance of winning or is an unknown who warrants a closer look.

Last week, Bernie Sanders led all Democratic campaigns in pageviews. His campaign page was viewed 2,590 times, equaling 13.0% of pageviews for all Democratic campaigns this week. He was followed by Joe Biden with 11.2% of pageviews and Andrew Yang with 10.6%.

Michael Bloomberg received the most pageviews this week relative to last week, increasing 62.0 percent. While all candidates had a positive rate of pageview growth compared to the previous week, Yang saw the smallest increase at 10.1 percent. The other candidates saw at least a 20 percent increase.

The top three Democratic presidential candidates in lifetime pageviews are Yang with 160,560, Pete Buttigieg with 151,377, and Biden with 143,782.

As in previous weeks, every other Republican candidate led Donald Trump in pageviews. Trump received 1,683 pageviews, while Bill Weld received 2,522, Joe Walsh received 2,460, and Roque de la Fuente received 2,261.

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