Cain resigns from Maryland House of Delegates

Rep. Alice Cain (D) announced her resignation from the Maryland House of Delegates March 19 at the close of the chamber’s legislative session. She stated that she had planned to resign at the end of the session due to “family circumstances,” and that her resignation is unrelated to the coronavirus pandemic. The Maryland State Legislature adjourned early on March 18, 2020, in response to the outbreak.

Cain occupied one of two seats representing District 30A in the House, with the other held by Shaneka Henson (D). Seth Howard (R) represents District 30B in the House. Both districts are in Anne Arundel County.

Cain’s resignation created the third vacancy of the year in Maryland’s legislature and the second in the House of Delegates. All three vacancies were left by Democratic state legislators. The two vacancies preceding Cain’s resignation have already been filled, bringing the partisan composition of the House of Delegates to 98 Democrats, 42 Republicans, and one vacancy.

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