Anchorage holds all-mail municipal elections

The city of Anchorage, Alaska, held general elections on April 7 for six city council seats, two school board seats, and 15 special district seats. The election was vote-by-mail, and all of the races were nonpartisan. Election officials will release updated results daily until they are certified on April 21. The election results below are based on the results posted on April 8.

The Anchorage City Council, also known as the Anchorage Assembly, had six of its 11 seats on the ballot in 2020. District 2-Seat C incumbent Fred Dyson was the only assembly incumbent to not file for re-election.

• District 1 – Seat B: Incumbent Christopher Constant was unopposed in the general election.
• District 2 – Seat C: Jamie Allard is leading the race against Roger Branson and Stephany Jeffers with 59% of the vote. Jeffers has received 33% of the vote, and Branson has received 7% of the vote.
• District 3 – Seat E: Incumbent Austin Quinn-Davidson is leading the race against Nick Danger and MoHagani Magnetek with 63% of the vote. Danger has received 29% of the vote, and Magnetek has received 6% of the vote.
• District 4 – Seat G: Incumbent Felix Rivera has a slim lead in his race against Christine Hill with 50% of the vote. Hill has received 49% of the vote.
• District 5 – Seat I: Incumbent Pete Petersen is leading the race against Monty Dyson and David Walker with 55% of the vote. Dyson has received 35% of the vote, and Walker has received 9% of the vote.
• District 6 – Seat K: Incumbent Suzanne LaFrance has a slender lead in her race against Rick Castillo with 51% of the vote. Castillo has received 48% of the vote.

The Anchorage School District had two of the board’s seven seats on the ballot in 2020. Incumbents Dave Donley and Andy Holleman both filed for re-election.

• Seat C: Incumbent Dave Donley faced James Smallwood in the general election. Donley is leading the race with 55% of the vote. Smallwood has received 43% of the vote.
• Seat D: Incumbent Andy Holleman, JC Cates, and Phil Isley ran in the general election. Holleman is leading the race with 54% of the vote. Cates has 23% of the vote, and Isley has 21% of the vote.

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