Eight states to hold primaries on June 2 after four states push primaries back from April and May

Eight states are holding statewide primaries on June 2, 2020: Idaho, Indiana, Iowa, Maryland, Montana, New Mexico, Pennsylvania, and South Dakota. Four states did not originally plan to hold primaries on this date, but postponed them amid the coronavirus pandemic. Maryland and Pennsylvania’s primaries were originally scheduled for April 28, Indiana’s primary was scheduled for May 5, and Idaho’s primary was scheduled for May 19.

Three states are holding their primaries largely by mail instead of in-person due to the pandemic. Idaho maintained its original election day, May 19, as the final day for voters to register to vote and request mail-in ballots. June 2 is the deadline for county clerks to receive mail-in ballots. All counties in Montana opted to conduct their primaries by mail after a state directive gave them the authority and choice to do so. Maryland is also conducting its primary largely by mail.

Three states expanded absentee voting in response to Covid-19. In Indiana, the regular absentee voting eligibility requirements were temporarily suspended, meaning all voters can request to vote by mail. Iowa and South Dakota, which have no-excuse absentee voting, sent absentee ballot applications to all registered voters. Iowa also extended the absentee voting period from 29 days before the election to 40 days.

In addition to moving its primary date, Pennsylvania is allowing counties to begin tabulating absentee ballots before 8 p.m. on election day and counties can temporarily consolidate polling places. In Pennsylvania, all voters are eligible to cast absentee ballots.

No changes to the statewide primary were announced for New Mexico amid the coronavirus pandemic. The state does not have eligibility requirements to vote absentee.

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