November 4, 1918 – “Influenza Eliminates Election Service; Calls on Telephone Are Taboo”

On November 4, 1918, The Long Beach Press published an article titled “Influenza Eliminates Election Service; Calls on Telephone Are Taboo.” The article discussed how “The Press” would not announce election returns due to restrictions placed during the influenza pandemic, a first in the paper’s history.

“The Press will not announce election results in any form tomorrow evening. Bulletins will not be posted and advices will not be disseminated by telephone. The Press office will be ‘dark’ tomorrow night, closed because of restrictions imposed on account of the influenza epidemic.

For the first time in its history The Press must forego this election service, which has always been appreciated by the public. No apologies are in order, in view of the conditions stated; but naturally it is regretted that the usual service can not be rendered this year.”

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