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McNamara appointed Massachusetts Comptroller

On February 11, 2020, Governor Charlie Baker appointed Bill McNamara Comptroller of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts, effective Friday, February 21.

McNamara’s appointment comes after Comptroller Andrew Maylor announced that he was resigning to accept a position as Vice President and Chief Business Officer of Merrimack College. Before his appointment, McNamara most recently served as Assistant Secretary for the Executive Office for Administration and Finance.

In a press release from the governor’s office, Gov. Baker said, “Bill has a depth of experience in several senior leadership roles in the public and private sector that qualify him for this important new post to oversee the Commonwealth’s fiscal policies and operations…His commitment to transparency and reliable governance will be a great benefit to Massachusetts, and I look forward to working with him to ensure continued fiscal accountability and discipline across state government.”

In Massachusetts, the Comptroller of the Commonwealth is a nonpartisan, governor-appointed position responsible for independent oversight of the state’s finances.

The Comptroller of the Commonwealth serves a term coterminous with the governor.

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Romeo resigns from New York State Assembly for County Clerk appointment

On February 6, 2020, Governor Andrew Cuomo appointed Jamie Romeo as Monroe County Clerk. Romeo resigned her seat in the 136th district in the New York State Assembly to take the appointment.

According to New York law: “Filling of vacancies. Except as hereinafter provided, a vacancy in an elective county office, shall be filled by the governor by appointment and for the office of sheriff with the advice and consent of the senate if in session. ”

In New York, the governor fills vacancies in the state legislature through special elections. If the vacancy occurs before April 1, the governor can call a special election. If the state legislature calls a special session after April 1, the governor may call a special election to fill the seat. The person elected to fill the vacancy serves for the remainder of the unexpired term. There are currently three open seats in the New York State Assembly.

As of Feb. 11, Governor Cuomo’s office had yet to announce if a special election will take place to replace Romeo.

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Mahoney Appointed Alaska Commissioner of Revenue

On February 4, 2020, Lucinda Mahoney was appointed commissioner of Alaska’s Department of Revenue by Gov. Mike Dunleavy (R).

Mahoney’s appointment comes after Bruce Tangeman resigned from the position in November of 2019 over differences with the governor. In his resignation letter, Tangeman stated, “The message you campaigned on and continue to stress was based on a math equation that would lead us toward fiscal responsibility. It has become apparent that the appetite by many for the level of budget reductions required to balance this math equation will be difficult to realize.” Tangeman commended Governor Dunleavy on the challenges he has undertaken in the state and said he believes that the governor has the best of intentions for Alaska’s future.

In Alaska, the governor is responsible for filling revenue commissioner vacancies by appointment, subject to legislative confirmation.

Mahoney is the 22nd commissioner of Alaska’s department of revenue. As principal executive officer, Mahoney is responsible for providing general supervision and directing the activities of the department. Alaska’s Department of Revenue enforces the tax laws of the state, registers cattle brands, manages the power development fund, and collects, invests and manages revenue.

Mahoney’s professional experience includes working as a business consulting company owner, as well as working for the Arctic Slope Regional Corporation and ARCO.

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