Voters decide state executive, legislative primaries in five states June 9

Five states held statewide primaries on June 9: Georgia, Nevada, North Dakota, South Carolina, and West Virginia. There were 684 seats on the ballot, including 23 state executive seats, 152 state senate seats, 493 state house seats, 14 state court seats, and two special state legislative seats.

The following information was current as of June 11. At that time, some races were still too close to call and results from Nevada were not yet final because the election was held largely by mail. Across the five states, 590 incumbents filed for re-election. Preliminary results indicate at least 16 incumbents were defeated, all state legislative officeholders.

Sixteen state executive incumbents filed for re-election to the 23 seats on the ballot. Of the 16 incumbents on the ballot, none lost their bids. The results for two seats were not yet known.

Of the 14 state court judges with seats up for election in 2020, only two did not seek re-election. Results from two races were not yet known, but none of the remaining 10 judges lost their seats.

In the state senate elections, 131 incumbents were on the ballot for re-election to 152 seats. At least three did not advance to the general election. In the state house elections, 431 incumbents competed for re-election to 493 seats. Thirteen lost their bids, but this number may grow as results are finalized.

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