June 2020 breakdown of state legislative party membership: 52.1% Republicans, 46.8% Democrats

Ballotpedia’s most recent monthly analysis of the partisan composition of state legislatures found that 52.1% of state legislators are Republicans and 46.8% are Democrats. That represents a decrease of one percentage point for the Republican Party from the month of May. The numbers for the Democratic Party stayed consistent from last month.
Every month, Ballotpedia analyzes the partisan composition of state legislatures. There are 7,383 state legislative offices in total: 1,972 state senate seats and 5,411 state house seats. As of July 1, the Democratic Party holds 873 state senate seats and 2,584 state house seats for a total of 3,457 seats. The Republican Party holds 1,081 state senate seats and 2,768 state house seats, or 3,849 total seats. Twenty-nine state house seats and four state senate seats are held by independent or third party officeholders.
The month that has seen the biggest difference between the two parties’ changes in state legislative membership in the last twelve months was November 2019. That month, the Democratic Party lost five seats and the Republican Party gained five.