Lucas resigns from New Hampshire House of Representatives, creating 10th vacancy in chamber

The current vacancy count in the New Hampshire House of Representatives this week reached a total of 10 seats. Rep. Gates Lucas (R) resigned from the chamber on July 14, citing a move outside his district as the reason. Lucas announced his resignation on Twitter and said, “Today I resigned from the @NHHouseofReps given I am moving to Portsmouth. I’m proud of the work we’ve done in the house to uphold @GovChrisSununu’s vetoes and reject many of the radical policies of the left. It’s been an honor serving Sunapee & Croydon!”
Lucas had represented New Hampshire’s House District Sullivan 2 since 2018. He did not file to run for re-election this year. The other vacant seats in the chamber are in Grafton 12, Cheshire 4, Hillsborough 23, Grafton 9, Hillsborough 43, Hillsborough 37, Strafford 10, Hillsborough 27, and Hillsborough 7. Eight of the 10 vacancies occurred this year.
Vacancies in the New Hampshire state legislature are filled by special election. A town or city in the district represented by the vacant seat must make a formal request to the governor and executive council for a special election. The governor and council then approve or deny the request within 21 days. So far, there has only been one special election called in New Hampshire this year. It was for the Merrimack 24 district and took place on March 10.
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