Four states have yet to hold primaries for November election

Four states have yet to hold primaries to decide the candidates that will appear on the general election ballot on November 3, 2020:
• Massachusetts (September 1)
• New Hampshire (September 8)
• Rhode Island (September 8)

• Delaware (September 15)

Louisiana also has not held a primary, but the state does not conduct true primary elections. Instead, all candidates will appear on the same ballot on November 3, regardless of their partisan affiliations. If a candidate wins a simple majority of all votes cast for the office (i.e., 50% plus one vote), he or she will win the election outright. If no candidate meets that threshold, the top two finishers, regardless of their partisan affiliations, will advance to a second election on December 5. In that election, the candidate who receives the greatest number of votes will win.

With the exception of Massachusetts, these five states had the latest statewide filing deadlines of 2020 with dates in June and July. Massachusetts requires candidates to file at the local and state level; this election cycle, these dates landed in May and June.

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