Eight incumbents win re-election, three more head to runoffs in Dallas City Council races

The city of Dallas, Texas, held general elections for city council on May 1, 2021. Eight of the 11 incumbents running for re-election won outright in the general election. Another three incumbents and three open-seat races advanced to a runoff election on June 5. 

The incumbents to win re-election were Chad West (District 1), Casey Thomas II (District 3), Jaime Resendez (District 5), Omar Narvaez (District 6), Tennell Atkins (District 8), Paula Blackmon (District 9), Adam McGough (District 10), and Cara Mendelsohn (District 12).

The runoff election matchups are:

• Jesse Moreno and Sana Syed in District 2

• Incumbent Carolyn King Arnold and Maxie Johnson in District 4 

• Incumbent Adam Bazaldua and Kevin Felder in District 7

• Jaynie Schultz and Barry Wernick in District 11

• Leland Burk and Gay Donnell Willis in District 13

• Incumbent David Blewett and Paul Ridley in District 14

Councilmembers Adam Medrano (District District 2), Lee Kleinman (11), and Jennifer Staubach Gates (District 13) did not run due to term limits.