Birmingham, Ala., to hold general runoff election Oct. 5

The general runoff election in Birmingham, Ala., is on Oct. 5. The general election was held on Aug. 24, and the filing deadline to run passed on July 10.

General runoffs became necessary after no candidate earned a majority of the vote in four races during the general election in August.

Candidates are competing for two seats on the nine-seat city council. In District 4, incumbent William Parker is facing challenger J.T. Moore. In District 9, incumbent John Hilliard will face challenger LaTonya Tate. 

Candidates will also be competing for two seats on the nine-seat Birmingham City School District Board of Education. In District 1, the candidates are incumbent Douglas Ragland and challenger Sherman Collins Jr. In the District 9 race, Le’Darius Hilliard and Jason Meadows are running for an open seat.

Birmingham is the largest city in Alabama and the 99th-largest city in the U.S. by population.