Republicans gain a triplex in Virginia

Virginia will have a Republican triplex as a result of the 2021 state executive elections. It entered the election with a Democratic triplex. A political party has triplex control in a state when it holds the offices of governor, attorney general, and secretary of state.

Glenn Youngkin (R) defeated Terry McAuliffe (D) in the election for governor of Virginia and Jason Miyares (R) defeated incumbent Mark Herring (D) in the attorney general election, breaking the state’s Democratic triplex. In Virginia, the governor appoints the secretary of state, meaning Republicans will gain a triplex.

New Jersey’s post-election triplex status remains unclear. In New Jersey, the governor appoints the secretary of state and attorney general, meaning the gubernatorial election alone will determine triplex status. If incumbent Phil Murphy (D) wins, the state will remain a Democratic triplex. If Jack Ciattarelli (R) wins, the state will become a Republican triplex.

Heading into the 2021 elections, there were 37 state government triplexes—20 Republican and 17 Democratic. As a result of the 2021 elections, there will be at least 21 Republican triplexes and at most 16 Democratic triplexes.