Redistricting timeline updates: Virginia Supreme Court selects special masters and Washington commission misses deadline

Here’s a summary of recent redistricting updates from Virginia and Washington.

Virginia: On Nov. 19, 2021, the Virginia Supreme Court unanimously approved two nominees for special master: Sean Trende, the Republican special master nominee, and Bernard Grofman, the Democratic nominee. Each party in the legislature was required to nominate three special masters, and the court would select one from each party to assist in drawing new districts after the Virginia Redistricting Commission missed its deadline to submit maps. The court rejected all three Republican nominees and one Democratic nominee for special master on Nov. 12. On Nov. 15, the court granted a three-day extension for legislators to make new special master nominations.

Washington: On Nov. 16, 2021, the Washington State Redistricting Commission announced that it was not able to produce new maps by its Nov. 15 deadline. According to state law, the authority to draw new maps now rests with the Washington Supreme Court. Although past the deadline, the commission said it had agreed on map plans on Nov. 16 and had submitted these plans to the Supreme Court for consideration.