Redistricting committee updates in Connecticut and Virginia

Here’s a summary of recent redistricting committee updates from Connecticut and Virginia:

In Connecticut, the ​Reapportionment Commission selected John McKinney (R) as a ninth and potentially tie-breaking member. McKinney is a former state Senator who served as minority leader for seven years. The previous tie-breaking member, Kevin Johnson (D), resigned from the position. Though the commission is composed of eight members, it selects a ninth member who only votes in the event of a tie.

So far, the commission has enacted a state Senate map, and has a deadline of Nov. 30 to draw maps the state House and U.S. House. If the commission does not complete maps by that deadline, the maps will be subject to review by the Connecticut Supreme Court.

In Virginia​, the Redistricting Commission did not complete legislative maps by the Oct. 24 deadline, and did not complete congressional maps by the Nov. 8 deadline, which meant that authority to redraw maps passed to the Virginia Supreme Court. The Court requested the commissioners submit nominees for special masters to assist the Court in drawing the maps. On Nov. 1, Republicans and Democrats submitted three nominees each. The Court rejected all three Republican nominees and one Democratic nominee for special master on Nov. 12 and requested that legislators submit new nominations. On Nov. 19, after commissioners submitted new nominees, the Court unanimously approved two of them: Sean Trende, who was the Republican special master nominee, and Bernard Grofman, who was the Democratic nominee.

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