Connecticut Reapportionment Commission requests congressional map deadline extension

On Dec. 1, the Connecticut Reapportionment Commission voted 9-0 to request a three-week extension to the state’s congressional map deadline, which was initially Nov. 30. The commission submitted the request to the Connecticut Supreme Court, which took control of the redistricting process once the deadline passed.

The nine-member Reapportionment Commission formed after the original eight-member committee did not draw a congressional map by its Sept. 15 deadline. The nine-member commission consists of four Democratic state lawmakers, four Republican state lawmakers, and one Republican former state representative who the other commission members selected. The original eight-member committee consisted of four Democratic and four Republican state lawmakers.

The Connecticut Reapportionment Commission enacted new maps for the state’s 151 House districts and 36 Senate districts on Nov. 18 and Nov. 23, 2021, respectively. The commission took over the redistricting process after the eight-member committee did not meet its Sept. 15 deadline to select maps and win two-thirds approval from both chambers of the Connecticut General Assembly. Unlike the committee, maps prepared by the Reapportionment Commission did not need approval from the General Assembly.