Michigan announces unemployment insurance tax forms for 2021 are available online

The Michigan Unemployment Insurance Agency announced Feb. 22, 2022, that 1099-G forms are available for anyone who received unemployment insurance benefits in 2021. Residents who claimed unemployment benefits in 2021 have to have the form to file state and federal tax returns. The form includes information on the amounts of benefits claimants received and the amounts of taxes withheld from benefit payments.

States normally have to publish 1099-G forms by Jan. 31, but Michigan received an extension from the IRS that allowed the state until the end of February to make the forms available.

Unemployment insurance refers to a joint federal and state program that provides temporary monetary benefits to eligible laid-off workers who are actively seeking new employment. Qualifying individuals receive unemployment compensation as a percentage of their lost wages in the form of weekly cash benefits while they search for new employment.

The federal government oversees the general administration of state unemployment insurance programs. The states control the specific features of their unemployment insurance programs, such as eligibility requirements and length of benefits.

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