Results in the five Texas Senate Republican primaries with the most candidate fundraising

Republican primary elections for 29 of 31 seats in the Texas State Senate took place on March 1, 2022. Of the 29 seats up for election in 2022, nine had a primary election with more than one candidates.

Across all contested Republican primary elections, candidates raised $9.0 million. Incumbents raised an average of $663,005 per candidate and challengers raised an average of $320,452 per candidate.

Five primary elections with the most fundraising

The table below details the five Republican primary elections with the most fundraising in the State Senate. Winning candidates’ names are in bold.

DistrictMoney RaisedOfficeholderCandidates
District 11$2,348,027Larry Taylor (R)Mayes Middleton, Bob Mitchell, Robin Armstrong, and Bianca Gracia
District 24$1,917,728Dawn Buckingham (R)Peter P. FloresRaul Reyes Jr., Lamar Lewis, and Ellen Troxclair
District 31$1,451,623Kel Seliger (R)Kevin Sparks, Tim Reid, Stormy Bradley, and Jesse Quackenbush
District 10$1,027,211Beverly Powell (D)Phil King and Warren Norred
District 8$851,882Angela Paxton (R)Angela Paxton and Matt Rostami

#1 District 11 – $2,348,027

Mayes Middleton raised $2,014,767, Robin Armstrong raised $147,974, Bob Mitchell raised $133,405, and Bianca Gracia raised $51,881.

Mayes Middleton advanced to the general election with 63 percent of the vote, Bob Mitchell received 15 percent of the vote, Robin Armstrong received 15 percent of the vote, and Bianca Gracia received 8 percent of the vote.

#2 District 24 – $1,917,728

Peter P. Flores raised $1,033,830, Ellen Troxclair raised $496,375, Raul Reyes Jr. raised $339,434, and Lamar Lewis raised $48,088.

Peter P. Flores advanced to a runoff election with 46% of the vote, Raul Reyes Jr. advanced to a runoff election with 33% of the vote, and Lamar Lewis received 21% of the vote. Ellen Troxclair withdrew and ran for Texas House of Representatives District 19.

#3 District 31 – $1,451,623

Kevin Sparks raised $1,204,386, Tim Reid raised $205,585, Stormy Bradley raised $41,652, and Jesse Quackenbush raised $0.

Kevin Sparks advanced to the general election with 55% of the vote, Tim Reid received 23% of the vote, Stormy Bradley received 16% of the vote, and Jesse Quackenbush received 6% of the vote.

#4 District 10 – $1,027,211

Phil King raised $936,332 and Warren Norred raised $90,880.

Phil King advanced to the general election with 77% of the vote and Warren Norred received 23% of the vote.

#5 District 8 – $851,882

Incumbent Angela Paxton raised $838,760 and Matt Rostami raised $13,121.

Angela Paxton advanced to the general election with 65% of the vote and Matt Rostami received 35% of the vote.

The data above are based on campaign finance reports that active Texas PACs submitted to the Texas Ethics Commission. Transparency USA publishes campaign finance data following major reporting deadlines. State or federal law may require filers to submit additional reports.

Report NameReport Due Date
2022 Jan Semiannual1/18/2022
2022 Pre-Primary (30 Days)1/31/2022
2022 Pre-Primary (8 Days)2/22/2022
2022 Primary Runoff5/16/2022
2022 Jul Semiannual7/15/2022
2022 Pre-General (30 Days)10/11/2022
2022 Pre-General (8 Days)10/31/2022
2022 Semiannual Data1/17/2023

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