In Idaho’s two congressional districts, there is one contested primary this year

The filing deadline for candidates running for state or federal office in Idaho was March 11, 2022. This year, nine candidates—two Democrats, six Republicans, and one Libertarian—are running for Idaho’s two U.S. House districts. That’s 4.5 candidates per district, less than the 5.0 candidates per district in 2020 and 9.0 in 2018.

Here are some other highlights from this year’s filings:

  • Both incumbents are running for re-election: Russ Fulcher in District 1 and Michael Simpson in District 2.
  • The only contested primary is the Republican primary in District 2, where Simpson faces four other candidates. One of those candidates is Bryan Smith, who Simpson defeated 62-38 in the 2014 Republican primary.
  • According to Roll Call, Republicans have won 27 of the 28 U.S. House elections in Idaho since 1994. Walt Minnick won in District 1 in 2008 before losing his re-election bid in 2010.

Idaho’s U.S. House primaries will take place on May 17, 2022. Also on the ballot will be a U.S. Senate seat, governor, lt. governor, attorney general, secretary of state, and all 105 seats in the state legislature.

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