These are the most expensive contested elections in the California State Assembly

Elections for all 80 seats in the California State Assembly will take place on November 8, 2022. State house primary elections will be held on June 7, 2022. Democrats hold a 58 – 20 lead heading into the election, with two vacant seats. This article details the five most expensive contested primary elections in the State Assembly. 

This information comes from candidate reports to the California Secretary of State covering the period of January 1, 2021, through May 21, 2022.

Five primary elections with the most fundraising

#1 District 17 – $4,861,366

Incumbent David Chiu (D) raised $1,044,183, Incumbent Matt Haney (D) raised $1,676,766, David Campos (D) raised $1,024,060, Bilal Mahmood (D) raised $1,007,123, Thea Selby (D) raised $109,233, and Bill Shireman (R) raised $0.

#2 District 19 – $3,752,241

Incumbent Phil Ting (D) raised $3,752,241 and Karsten Weide (R) raised $0.

#3 District 76 – $2,280,619

Incumbent Brian Maienschein (D) raised $1,924,849, June Yang Cutter (R) raised $197,033, and Kristie Bruce-Lane (R) raised $158,738.

#4 District 80 – $1,825,515

Georgette Gómez (D) raised $881,304, David Alvarez (D) raised $870,683, Steve Sanchez (R) raised $73,528, John Garcia (R) raised $0, and Lincoln Pickard (R) raised $0.

#5 District 62 – $1,776,531

Incumbent Anthony Rendon (D) raised $1,776,531 and Maria Estrada (D) raised $0.

The data above are based on campaign finance reports that active California PACs submitted to the California Secretary of State. Federal PACs are not required to report to state agencies. Transparency USA publishes campaign finance data following major reporting deadlines. State or federal law may require filers to submit additional reports.

Report NameDue Date
1st Pre-Election – Primary4/28/2022
2nd Pre-Election – Primary5/26/2022
1st Pre-Election – General9/29/2022
2nd Pre- Election – General10/27/2022

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