Texas Democratic Party approves recount in Texas’ 15th Congressional District Democratic primary runoff

On June 9, the Texas Democratic Party approved Ruben Ramirez’s request for a recount in the May 24 Democratic primary runoff for Texas’ 15th Congressional District. Official results showed Ramirez trailing Michelle Vallejo (D) by 30 votes. 

Under Texas law, a recount can be requested within five days after election day or two days after the canvass, whichever is later. The required margin is less than 10% of the winning candidate’s vote. There is no deadline for completion.

Vallejo declared victory in the runoff election on June 1 after unofficial results showed her leading Ramirez by 33 votes. “I am so proud of all that we have accomplished and with final results coming in, I am honored to be the Democratic nominee for Texas’ 15th Congressional District,” Vallejo said.

Ramirez did not concede, saying the election was still too close to call. Ramirez said “it is essential that every voter has their say before a final call is made. South Texas politics has a long tradition of upset victories.”

Texas’ 28th Congressional District candidate Jessica Cisneros (D) also requested a recount of the May 24 runoff results. Official results showed incumbent Rep. Henry Cuellar (D) leading Cisneros by 281 votes. Ramirez applied for a manual recount of votes, while Cisneros requested an electronic recount.

“The Texas Democratic Party is the Recount Coordinator for both of these recounts and is supporting all of our County Chairs in these two districts, who will work closely with their election officials to carry out thorough, accurate recounts of the votes,” a Texas Democratic Party spokesperson said.

According to the Texas Tribune, “The recounts mean it will be at least weeks before an undisputed winner emerges in each runoff.”

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