Three candidates advance from Alaska’s special top-four U.S. House primary

A top-four special primary was held for Alaska’s At-Large Congressional District on June 11, 2022. Three candidates—Sarah Palin (R), Nicholas Begich III (R), and Mary Peltola (D)—advanced to the August 16 special general election.

Al Gross (I), the third-place finisher in the special primary, ended his campaign on June 20. The Alaska Supreme Court ruled that fifth-place finisher Tara Sweeney (R) could not advance to the special general election amid Gross’ withdrawal.

Forty-eight candidates ran in the June 11 primary—the first top-four congressional primary in U.S. history. All candidates appeared on the same ballot with their affiliations listed next to their names. The general election will use ranked-choice voting.

Former incumbent Rep. Don Young (R) died in March. Young was first elected as Alaska’s U.S. representative in 1973, when he defeated Emil Notti (D) in a special election. Notti ran in the 2022 special primary election. Young also ran for the House in 1972, when Nick Begich Sr. (D) defeated him. Begich Sr. is Begich III’s grandfather.

The winner of the August 16 special general election will serve until the end of the term Young was last elected to—January 3, 2023. The special election is one of two elections, alongside the regularly scheduled election, for Alaska’s at-large House district in 2022. Twenty-four candidates filed to run in both the regular and special elections. The regular top-four primary election will take place August 16.