Missouri’s average gas price falls to $4.18

As of July 20, Missouri’s average gas price according to AAA was $4.18 for regular gas, which was below the national average of $4.47. Gas prices fell from the previous week’s average of $4.37 and were below the June average of $4.66. On July 20, 2021, the state’s average price was $2.84.

Joplin was the metro area in the state with the lowest average price at $3.96. Jefferson City was the metro area in the state with the highest average price at $4.38.

Missouri has a gas tax of $0.1742 cents per gallon, making it the fourth-lowest in the United States. The lowest is Alaska ($0.0895) and the highest is Pennsylvania ($0.586). The average across the country is $0.2885.

The price of gasoline is affected by several factors. Gas prices are primarily driven by crude oil prices, which are in turn affected by supply and demand, financial markets, international politics, environmental regulation, taxes, weather, and other factors. When the supply of oil increases due to increased production, the price will likely decrease. When demand increases—either from individual consumers or oil-dependent industries—the price will likely increase. Production may increase or decrease depending on advances in technology, changes in industry regulation, policy changes, political forces, and more.