Results in the five most expensive Democratic Wisconsin Senate primaries

Democratic primary elections for 17 of 33 districts in the Wisconsin State Senate took place on Aug. 9, 2022. Of the 17 districts up for election in 2022, three had a Democratic primary election with more than one candidate.

Across all contested Democratic primary elections, candidates raised $197,875. Candidates raised an average of $32,979.

Three primary elections with the most fundraising

The table below details the three Democratic primary elections with the most fundraising in the State Senate. Winning candidates’ names are in bold.

District Money Raised Officeholder Candidates
District 19 $102,772 Roger Roth (R) Kristin Alfheim and Mark Scheffler
District 5 $56,097 Dale Kooyenga (R) Jessica Katzenmeyer and Tom Palzewicz
District 17 $39,005 Howard Marklein (R) Tripp Stroud and Pat Skogen

The officeholders above are listed for the current districts they hold. However, this is a redistricting year, so candidates have been identified below as incumbents even if they are running in a different district than they currently hold.

#1 District 19 – $102,772

Kristin Alfheim raised $63,270 and Mark Scheffler raised $39,502.

Kristin Alfheim advanced to the general election and Mark Scheffler withdrew.

#2 District 5 – $56,097

Tom Palzewicz raised $41,444 and Jessica Katzenmeyer raised $14,653.

Jessica Katzenmeyer advanced to the general election with 54 percent of the vote and Tom Palzewicz received 46 percent of the vote.

#3 District 17 – $39,005

Tripp Stroud raised $28,470 and Pat Skogen raised $10,536.

Tripp Stroud withdrew and Pat Skogen advanced to the general election.

The data above are based on campaign finance reports that active Wisconsin PACs submitted to the Wisconsin Ethics Commission. Federal PACs are not required to report to state agencies. Transparency USA publishes campaign finance data following major reporting deadlines. State or federal law may require filers to submit additional reports.

Report Name Report Due Date
2022 Jan Semiannual 1/18/2022
2022 Spring Pre-Primary 2/7/2022
2022 Spring Pre-Election 3/28/2022
2022 Jul Semiannual 7/15/2022
2022 Fall Pre-Primary 8/1/2022
2022 Sept Data 9/27/2022
2022 Fall Pre-General 10/31/2022
2023 Jan Semiannual 1/7/2023

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