All candidates for New York State Assembly District 105 complete Ballotpedia’s Candidate Connection survey

Both of the candidates running in the November 8, 2022, general election for New York State Assembly District 105 — Jill Fieldstein (D) and Anil Beephan Jr. (R) — completed Ballotpedia’s Candidate Connection survey. These survey responses allow voters to hear directly from candidates about what motivates them to run for office.

Eighty-eight of the country’s 99 state legislative chambers will hold regularly scheduled elections in 2022. The Democratic Party controls both chambers of New York’s state legislature. New York is one of 14 states with a Democratic trifecta.

Here are excerpts from candidates’ responses to the question: What are the main points you want voters to remember about your goals for your time in office?            


  • “Economic Development: New York is a hub of innovation and entrepreneurship. I will collaborate with public and private partners to attract these innovators—and good-paying jobs—to our area.”
  • “Affordable Housing To support a growing workforce, we must offer more affordable housing: I will encourage the development of attractive, affordable, single family homes and mixed-use developments in communities throughout the 105th District.”
  • “Education: Our children’s future is our most important investment, and it must start with our youngest children. Publicly funded, high quality pre-K must be available to every three- and four-year-old in our district.”


  • “MAKE NEW YORK SAFE AGAIN: Cashless Bail has turned our criminal justice system upside down. Our state now sympathizes with criminals and repeat offenders over our uniformed heroes while simultaneously placing victims, witnesses, and emergency services at risk of retaliation.” 
  • “Reduce the Cost of Energy: Our residents are struggling to fill their gas tanks at the pump, purchase heating oil, and power their homes. We need representatives in Albany that will fight for real solutions to the energy crisis.”
  • “PRO-BUSINESS Coming from a family of small business owners, I understand the difficulties of starting and owning a business in New York. I started the #HometownHotspot initiative highlighting our small businesses and non-profits to receive feedback on how we can become better partners in government.”

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