All candidates for Orange County School Board District 3 in Florida complete Ballotpedia’s Candidate Connection survey

Both of the candidates running in the November 8, 2022, general election for Orange County School Board District 3 in Florida — Michael Daniels and Alicia Farrant  — completed Ballotpedia’s Candidate Connection survey. These survey responses allow voters to hear directly from candidates about what motivates them to run for office. 

According to the Orange County public schools website, the school board “is responsible for setting policy and meeting requirements set by the Florida Legislature and State Board of Education Rules.”

Here are excerpts from candidates’ responses to the question: What areas of public policy are you personally passionate about?


“Parent Engagement in College and Career Planning. As a parent of two OCPS graduates, I have had first hand experience witnessing the stellar education provided by this district. Thankfully we have the best teachers! One area we can continue to grow is engaging our parents and students in all of their options as they move into upper high school and their post graduation path.”


“Back to Basics: We must get back to basics, to ensure every child receives a foundational education. Since the pandemic many children have fallen behind in reading and math, especially our youngest students. I will advocate to remove excess workload from our teachers to allow them to focus more on student learning.”

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