These are the results in the top five most expensive Ohio State House elections

General elections for all 99 districts in the Ohio House of Representatives took place on Nov. 8, 2022. Of the 99 districts up for election in 2022, 78 had a general election with more than one candidate.

Across all contested general elections, candidates raised $20.0 million. Incumbents raised an average of $241,100 per candidate and challengers raised an average of $62,651 per candidate.

Five general elections with the most fundraising

The table below details the five general elections with the most fundraising in the House of Representatives. Winning candidates’ names are in bold.

District Money Raised Officeholder Candidates
District 94 $1,126,036 Jay Edwards (R) Jay Edwards, Tanya Conrath, and Rhyan Goodman
District 17 $894,218 Adam Miller (D) Thomas Patton and Troy Greenfield
District 89 $744,169 D.J. Swearingen (R) D.J. Swearingen and Jim Obergefell
District 34 $726,664 Emilia Sykes (D) Casey Weinstein and Beth Bigham
District 42 $724,704 Tom Young (R) Derek Merrin and Erika White

The officeholders above are listed for the current districts they hold. However, this is a redistricting year, so candidates have been identified below as incumbents even if they are running in a different district than they currently hold.

#1 District 94 – $1,126,036

Incumbent Jay Edwards raised $1,126,036, Rhyan Goodman raised $0, and Tanya Conrath raised $0.

Jay Edwards won with 61 percent of the vote, Tanya Conrath received 39 percent of the vote, and Rhyan Goodman withdrew.

#2 District 17 – $894,218

Incumbent Thomas Patton raised $840,773 and Troy Greenfield raised $53,445.

Thomas Patton won with 55 percent of the vote and Troy Greenfield received 45 percent of the vote.

#3 District 89 – $744,169

Incumbent D.J. Swearingen raised $395,793 and Jim Obergefell raised $348,376.

D.J. Swearingen won with 62 percent of the vote and Jim Obergefell received 38 percent of the vote.

#4 District 34 – $726,664

Incumbent Casey Weinstein raised $426,376 and Beth Bigham raised $300,287.

Casey Weinstein won with 54 percent of the vote and Beth Bigham received 46 percent of the vote.

#5 District 42 – $724,704

Incumbent Derek Merrin raised $531,285 and Erika White raised $193,419.

Derek Merrin won with 54 percent of the vote and Erika White received 46 percent of the vote.

The data above are based on campaign finance reports that active Ohio PACs submitted to the Ohio Secretary of State. Political expenditures that are not controlled by candidates or their campaigns, known as satellite spending, are not included in candidate totals. Federal PACs are not required to report to state agencies. Transparency USA publishes campaign finance data following major reporting deadlines.

This article is a joint publication from Ballotpedia and Transparency USA, who are working together to provide campaign finance information for state-level elections. Learn more about our work here.