Donald Trump leads the Republican presidential primary in fundraising

Donald Trump’s (R) presidential campaign has raised a cumulative $14 million as of March 31, 2023, most of the candidates currently running in the Republican presidential primary. Vivek Ramaswamy (R) raised $11 million, Nikki Haley (R) raised $5 million, and Corey Stapleton (R) raised $7,717.

The chart below shows total receipts, contributions, and disbursements for each candidate’s principal campaign committee. It only includes candidates who announced their campaigns before March 31, and does not include candidate-affiliated PACs.

In reports to the FEC, political campaigns must distinguish between receipts and contributions. All contributions are receipts, but not all receipts are contributions. Receipts is a broad term referring to all money that goes into a campaign account. While contributions from individuals often make up the majority of a campaign’s contributions, money can also come from other sources such as loans taken out by the campaign, dividends or interest on loans or investments made by the campaign, transfers of money from other political committees, and offsets to a campaign’s expenditures in the form of rebates or refunds.

Contributions from individuals make up a majority of Haley’s (64%) and Stapleton’s (100%) receipts. A majority of Trump’s receipts come from transfers from other political action committees (97%), and a majority of Ramaswamy’s receipts come from loans from the candidate (90%).

The following chart shows fundraising for major presidential campaigns broken out into contributions, transfers from other political committees, loans, offsets to expenditures, and miscellaneous receipts.

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