Ballotpedia’s Candidate Connection survey: Texas roundup

Texas is holding elections, including for school boards and legislative offices, on Nov. 7, 2023, and March 5, 2024, respectively. A number of candidates running in these elections completed Ballotpedia’s Candidate Connection survey. These survey responses allow voters to hear directly from candidates about what motivates them to run for office.

Below is a selection of responses from the candidates who filled out the survey as of Sept. 26. To read each candidate’s full responses, click his or her name at the bottom of the article.

Michelle Fennick (nonpartisan) is running for Cypress-Fairbanks Independent School District Position 3, and the general election is on Nov. 7. Here’s how Fennick responded to the question: What areas of public policy are you personally passionate about?

“…First and foremost, Education Equity is a core principle I uphold. I firmly believe that every student should have an equal opportunity to succeed in their educational journey. To achieve this, I advocate for fair funding formulas, strive to reduce achievement gaps, and work tirelessly to ensure that schools in underserved communities receive the necessary resources.

Supporting and nurturing our educators is another area I am dedicated to. I believe that well-supported teachers are the backbone of our education system. This includes championing policies that offer competitive salaries, facilitating access to continuous professional development, and creating avenues for career growth within the teaching profession.

Curriculum Quality and Innovation are integral to preparing students for the challenges of the 21st century. I am committed to promoting innovative teaching methods and curriculum development, particularly in fields like STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics) education, which are crucial for our students’ future success.

Inclusivity is paramount, and that’s why I prioritize Special Education and Inclusion policies. I am dedicated to ensuring that students with special needs receive the support and inclusive environments they rightfully deserve. …”

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Dale Huls (R) is running for Texas House of Representatives District 1, and the Republican primary is on March 5. Here’s how Huls responded to the question: What areas of public policy are you personally passionate about?

“I am very passionate about many issues, but I am choosing to focus my public policy efforts on four primary areas: Border Security, Texas Education Reform, Taxpayer Protection, and Government and Ethics Reform. …

Texas must protect its citizens from the current invasion across its southern border facilitated by an ‘Open Borders’ Administration that does not respect the rule of law.

We must reclaim the classrooms for students AND teachers from an anti-American, anti-God industrial-educational complex.

… We must bring the government back to fiscal responsibility and quit overfunding the Government in ways that do not enhance the lives and liberty of every Texan.

… We need to restore law and order, proper ethics, good government practices, and limits on government overreach in order to restore a properly functioning government that is of the people, by the people, and for the people.”

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If you’re a Texas candidate or incumbent, click here to take the survey. The survey contains over 30 questions, and you can choose the ones you feel will best represent your views to voters. If you complete the survey, a box with your answers will display on your Ballotpedia profile. Your responses will also populate the information that appears in our mobile app, My Vote Ballotpedia.

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