54.79% of all state legislators in the United States are Republican, 44.44% are Democratic

At the end of January 2024, 54.79% of all state legislators in the United States are Republican while 44.44% are Democratic. There are 7,386 state legislative seats in the country.

Republicans held a majority in 56 chambers, and Democrats held the majority in 39 chambers. Two chambers (Alaska House and Alaska Senate) were organized under multipartisan, power-sharing coalitions. Control of the Michigan House of Representatives and Pennsylvania House of Representatives are split.

Democrats hold 852 state Senate seats and 2,430 state House seats, gaining two seats since last month. Republicans hold 1,112 state Senate seats and 2,935 state House seats, gaining five seats since last month.

Independent or minor-party legislators hold 21 state House seats and four state Senate seats. There are 27 vacant state House seats and five vacant state Senate seats.

Compared to combined data of December 2022 and January 2023, Democrats have lost two state Senate seats (854 v. 852) and gained one state House seat (2,429 v. 2,430). Republicans have gained four state Senate seats (1,108 v. 1,112) and lost eight state House seats (2,943 v. 2,935). 

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