Author: Jaime Healy-Plotkin

  • State lawmaker political party switch snapshot

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    One hundred seventy-three (173) state legislators have switched political parties since 1994, according to analysis by Ballotpedia. Forty-seven (47) state senators and 126 state representatives have switched parties. State lawmakers who switched from Democrat to Republican: 83 State senators: 24 State representatives: 59 State lawmakers who switched from Republican to Democrat: 23 State senators: 8…

  • State courts of last resort continue to have majority female justice membership

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    As of June 2023, 15 out of the 53 courts of last resort in the United States had a female justice majority membership. This is a net increase of one state since 2022, adding California, Illinois, and Utah, while Ohio and Oregon had decreases in their membership of female justices. According to the National Center…

  • May 2023 partisan count: 54.49% of state legislators are Republican, 43.33% Democratic

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    At the end of May 2023, 54.94% of all state legislatures in the United States are Republican while 44.33% are Democratic. There are 7,386 state legislative seats in the country. Republicans control 56 chambers, while Democrats hold 41. Two chambers (Alaska House and Alaska Senate) were organized under multipartisan, power-sharing coalitions. Democrats hold 854 state Senate seats and…