Fewest number of Georgia state legislators retiring this year since 2014

There are 236 state legislative seats up for election this year in Georgia. Across those, 17 incumbents (10 Democrats and seven Republicans) did not file to run for re-election. That’s the fewest number of retirements since 2014. From 2010 to 2022, the average number of retirements per cycle was 28. In 2022, 48 incumbents (23 Democrats and 25 Republicans) did not run for re-election.

The total number of contested primaries (with more than one candidate) was also a decade-low. In 2024, there are 70 contested primaries (39 Democratic and 31 Republican) out of a possible 472, a rate of 14.8%. This is the lowest number since 2014 when 13.1% of primaries had more than one candidate. In 2022, there were 104 primaries (51 Democratic and 53 Republican) for a rate of 22.0% contested primaries.

Georgia has been a Republican trifecta since 2005. Republicans have held the governorship and a majority in the Senate since 2003. Republicans gained control of the House in 2005.

Georgia’s state legislative primaries are scheduled for May 21.