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Nevada becomes a Democratic trifecta in 2019

When Steve Sisolak (D) was sworn in as Nevada’s governor on Monday, January 7, the state became a new Democratic trifecta.
A trifecta is a state where one political party holds the governorship, a majority in the state senate, and a majority in the state house.
In 2018, Sisolak won the governor’s office that had been held by Republican Brian Sandoval. Democrats also kept control of the state Assembly and Senate. They currently hold a 27-13 majority in the state Assembly (with two vacancies) and a 13-8 majority in the state Senate.
Besides Nevada, five other states became Democratic trifectas as a result of the 2018 elections: Colorado, Illinois, Maine, New Mexico, and New York.

Utah’s legislative session starts January 28

Utah’s state legislature will be in session from January 28 through March 14, 2019—a total of 45 days.
Utah joins 39 other states that are currently in regular session. It is one of 46 states that hold annual legislative sessions, with the other four states—Montana, Nevada, North Dakota, and Texas—meeting only in odd-numbered years. Nine states have full-time legislatures, meaning they meet throughout the year.
In 2018, Utah held three sessions in addition to its regular session: one veto session and two special sessions. During these sessions, Gov. Gary Herbert (R) signed bills dealing with Medicaid expansion, a child tax credit, and medical marijuana, among other topics.
Utah is one of 22 Republican trifectas, with the GOP controlling the governor’s office, the state House, and the state Senate.