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  • Voters in South Dakota to decide on legalizing sports betting in Deadwood this fall

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    South Dakota legislators passed Senate Joint Resolution 501 on March 3, certifying it for the November 2020 ballot. The amendment would legalize sports betting (wagering on the outcome of athletic sporting events) within the city limits of Deadwood, South Dakota. Currently, in Deadwood— a resort and gaming town— blackjack, craps, keno, poker, roulette, and slot…

  • Signatures verified for Maine ballot initiative designed to void international hydroelectric transmission project

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    A citizen initiative to void a certificate needed for an international hydroelectric transmission project will go on the ballot unless the state legislature approves it. The campaign No CMP Corridor filed 75,253 signatures on February 3. Maine Secretary of State Matthew Dunlap (D) reported that 69,714 signatures were valid. At least 63,067 signatures needed to…